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The Little Guy Pavers

All of the Experience Without All of the Cost!

About Us

The Little Guy Pavers

All of the Experience Without all of the Cost!

Lower Cost

By being a local family owned business, having set pricing, and having our employees work from home it helps keeps our overhead low. This allows us to beat our larger competitors by up to 30%.

Personal Touch
Since we are not a franchise or large corporation, you never need to worry about becoming just a number. Every customer is appreciated and taken care of.

Why The Little Guy Pavers?

We are not called The Little Guy Pavers because we are small, only do small jobs, or really anything to do with the actual size of the company or the job.

Our name is a representation of what we stand for. We have learned that people tend to have two options when they look for contractors. They either choose a large company for security and feel like they are unimportant or they find a small company for a lower price, where they get more attention but don't know if the job is being done correctly or if the company will be around.

We are a mix of the two. Even though we have several crews and are set up like a large company we do not have a minimum job size, we have set pricing, we do repair work, and every job is important to us.

We give the peace of mind of a large company at a lower price and with the small family business personal touch.

Meet Our Team

We Are A Family That Cares

Jeremy Ellis


I began this journey with pavers and natural stone in 2006 at the bottom of the totem pole with no experience. It didn't take me very long to realize the joys in taking something broken or unattractive and not just fixing it but turning it into something beautiful. After a few years running a crew for a small family-owned business on the east coast I found myself moving to the west coast and working for a large corporation. There, I was able to experience not only the vast exposure to knowledge and creativity of many great people, but I was also able to learn about the short comings and the unfortunate lack of connection that customers can feel with large companies. 

I started The Little Guy Pavers to create a family customers can connect with, trust, and truly feel they are an important part of.

Lets create an amazing journey together that you will love and remember forever.

Justin Chapman


I have experience in many fields. I worked as a master mechanic for several years then got into pavers and artificial turf. I have also worked in welding and fabrication all while being enlisted with the Army National Guard for about 6 years working in aviation and military intelligence. 

I spend most of my time with my wife Tory and our Brittany spaniels Belle and Luna. 

Heather Heren

Office Manager

 On a personal level, I believe I am a simple girl; I enjoy watching movies (at home of course) and going out to dinner however, my greatest joy is spending as much time as I can with my four legged kids and running a special needs Bulldog rescue named Moe Moe's Rescue of the Rockies. I currently have 4 Bulldogs, Pebbles, an 8 year old English Bulldog with no special needs but an attitude to take on just about anything. Dino is my 7 year old English Bulldog with Spina Bifida. Rhett is my next boy, he is 3 years old and also is a Spina Bifida English Bulldog. He keeps everything comical in our house with his jovial behavior. That leaves the Diva, Betty, who is affectionately known as Lil Bit. She is 2 years old, also a Spina Bifida English Bulldog, but with limited mobility of her back legs. This by no means keeps her divaness at bay, she is convinced she is the queen of all.

Travis Torgersen

Senior Project Manager

I have been in the construction industry for the past 19 years. I am an outdoor enthusiast and devout family man. I love taking an idea from conception to reality and helping people get there.

I started my career in 2000 at my father’s remodeling business. 

Eventually, I furthered my career and pursued a Degree in Computer Aided Design with an emphasis in 3D Design. I enjoyed working in the mountains for years but after having my first born, my priorities changed and I began looking for the right place that will provide more opportunities for my growing family. With my gained knowledge and experience in various realms of work I am very adaptable and efficient when it comes to running a project with minimal hiccups for all parties involved.

David Wagner

Senior Design Consultant

I've grown up in Colorado and cannot imagine living anywhere but here. I enjoy spending my free time with my wife, Betsy, and our two dogs, Iggy and Jake. We try to get out and enjoy what this state offers. I fill the rest of my free time mountain biking and wood working.

My favorite part of being a designer is being able to give a homeowner something new to re-excite them about their home. That could be a beautiful new driveway to come home to, or a fun and inviting back patio to tell stories on, while roasting marshmallows around the fire pit, until all the stars are in sight. Also, I love pizza. A lot.